Exciting Training programmes under construction


Concrete Basics 101- The What, Why, Where and How of concrete

Concrete Basics 102- The important things every engineer should know about concrete

Concrete Basics 103-  Optimising the use of concrete 


Concrete Construction 101- The things that must be done well to get a good concrete outcome

Concrete Construction 102- A more in depth knowledge of good concrete construction

Concrete Construction 103- How to optimise concrete construction and minimise issues

Site Issues-

The basics of controlling concrete cracking

The importance of clear engineering specification

What to do when it all seems to have gone wrong- Dispute resolution

If you would like to see these courses up and running please contact us on:

dianne@cqt.net.au  and we will build them for you 

Regards       Michael van Koeverden | CQT Services -Director | Cert IV Training and Assessing